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Orange County CA Real Estate - Foreclosure Acitvity Sept. 2007

Sept. 2007 Unusual Month or Moment of Relief For Foreclosure Turmoil

It is the first time in last twelve months, that foreclosure curve for Orange County CA Real Estate had turned its direction. Although, it is premature to say if it is just an isolated monthly statistic or an early sign of stability but for sure it is reassuring

There are buyers looking for the good deals, including REO and Short Sales.

Homeowners who are late or unable to make their payments, they should be talking to their banks to make a different payment arrangement. At the same time they can market their property for short sale, so if numbers do not work with the bank, they have another avenue to avoid foreclosure on there record. Although there are, tax consequences but short sale may reduce lenders losses and hence tax amount for the seller. "Do it your self," technique in this matter could be costly, a professional opinion should be preferred

Orange County CA Foreclosure Activity Sept 2007


Data Source: County Records Research

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