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January 2007 - Posts

Active and Pending Listings Jan. 2007- Orange County Real Estate
Narrowing Gap - Is this some thing to be excited about? Not so quick, is a simple answer to the above question. Orange County does have more homes under contact and less of active home listings when compared to the 4th Quarter of 2006. Tester of this Read More...
Expired Listings and Orange County Real Estate Value
As Orange County Real Estate enters the slow sales era, a number of expired home listings for the 4th Quarter of 2006 have become record high as compared to the last four years of real estate boom. Historically, number of expired listings increase toward Read More...
Are Orange County Salaries Keeping up with Real Estate Prices?
Despite of 6.3% increase in OC job earnings, it is still not affordable for most of blue collar workers. Even though it is above national inflation, but that inflation does not cover the housing expense for the owners. So the home pricing and the inflation Read More...
Foreclosures in Orange County CA
Here are the results for the 4th Quarter of 2006 for Orange County Notices of Default and Notices of Sales Combined. Month Default Properties Oct-06 814 Nov-06 955 Dec-06 1078 See a detailed graph at http://www.namneet.com/Real_Estate_Pulse/page_1674546.htm Read More...