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Breonna Taylor's mother reaches $12M settlement, police reform agreement with LouisvilleThe family of Breonna Taylor, a Black woman who was shot and killed by police in her Louisville, Ky., apartment earlier this year, has settled a wrongful death lawsuit against the city for $12 million that includes an agreement to implement a number of police reforms.

9/15/2020 3:09:50 PM

Michael Caputo was brought in to streamline coronavirus messaging. He has fostered chaos instead.A disciple of Nixonian “dirty trickster” Roger Stone, Caputo has worked for Oliver North, Russian energy giant Gazprom and, most recently, Trump, joining his presidential campaign back when few were taking that campaign seriously. 

9/15/2020 2:43:13 PM

Mysterious brain found wrapped in foil on Lake Michigan beach, police say“I popped it open and it looked like a chicken breast — kind of.”

9/17/2020 8:40:51 AM

Police called to home of boy with toy gun in virtual class: 'I could have been burying my son today,' mom saysA Black seventh grader from Colorado had the police called to his house because he was playing with a toy gun during virtual art class. His mom, Dani Elliott, believes that if anyone did anything wrong, it was the school.

9/15/2020 2:47:13 PM

Massachusetts man puts up electric fence around Trump lawn sign after string of thefts“I’m defending my property and my right to free speech,” he said. “This is about my right to free speech, period.”

9/16/2020 9:55:03 PM

Armed gangs ‘protecting property’ in wildfire evacuation zones are confronting people at gunpoint, Oregon police say‘The last thing I want to see is something tragically happen because somebody is overreacting’

9/15/2020 1:01:13 PM

Deputy fired over Florida school massacre to get job backA Florida sheriff’s deputy who was fired for his inaction during a school shooting that left 17 dead has been reinstated with back pay by an arbitrator who ruled that the sheriff missed a deadline for dismissing the deputy. An arbitrator ruled this week that Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony acted 13 days too late when he fired deputy Josh Stambaugh last year for his conduct during the February 2018 massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported. It is unknown exactly how much Stambaugh will receive in back pay, but he earned more than $150,000 in 2018, including overtime.

9/16/2020 10:09:27 AM

Malaysian man 'finds' monkey selfies on lost phoneZackrydz Rodzi says he was stunned to find photos after tracing lost phone to nearby jungle.

9/16/2020 4:51:53 AM

A survey of 11,000 Americans ages 18 to 39 has found a 'worrying lack of basic Holocaust knowledge'Twelve percent of respondents said they "definitely have not heard" or "don't think I've heard" of the Holocaust.

9/16/2020 8:59:31 AM

Wildfire smoke reaches the East Coast — while still smothering the NorthwestFor weeks, residents up and down the West Coast have been checking forecasts to find out when the suffocating, hazardous wildfire smoke will shift and allow them to once again open their doors and windows.

9/15/2020 3:06:18 PM

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