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By Namneet Dhaliwal

Certified Distress Property Expert - CDPE

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As a Certified Distress Property Expert I can help homeowners with distress property. Distress property is the one where homeowner cannot make current payments for different reasons such as job loss, illness, disability, job relocation, denial of loan modification and sudden increase in mortgage payment without the increase in income, etc. Homeowners with such situations can qualify for Short Sale. As stressful, this situation is in itself, a knowledgeable Real Estate Agent can make this transition less burdensome and help you find the alternatives other than the foreclosure. A successful short sale can take you many steps closer to own your next home when compared to a foreclosure. You may qualify for a Fannie Mae loan in 2 years with short sale, but with a foreclosure on your record, you may not qualify for next 5-7 years. Although these numbers are subject to change with time.

Some individuals get upset at the banking system and stop responding to the letters from the financial institutions. However, a clear thinking can be helpful to deal with the situation rather than running away from it. An experienced and educated Real Estate professional, agent or broker can help you to go through the ropes of short sale.

Call today to get a pre screen for short sale of your property at no cost no obligation.

Recently Govt. have launched a program called HAFA Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative as a part of HAMP Home Affordable Modification Program.

Up until now it has been a battle for the homeowners to qualify for the short sale or even for lender to accept a dead in lieu  also known as DIL. HAFA will simplify the this complex process for the homeowners who do not qualify for the loan modification or the ones who can not afford even after the loan modification. The negative element of this alternative is that homeowner will still end up loosing their home through the short sale or dead - in - lieu but in the long run the same borrower could be an excellent buyer with in two years after the short sale. If the borrower would have to go through the foreclosure that borrower will be out of the market to buy again almost for 5-7 years. As a result of this program inventory of homes for sale will increase causing a downward pressure on the property values and giving you another option to buy again after two years.  

If you are a homeowner in distress and would need to short sell your property, be advised to hire an experienced educated and well versed agent who can help you deal with the banks needs and demands and knows how the professionals in lending industry work.

Items needed for short sale:

  • Two months recent pay stubs
  • Two year tax documents
  • Two months bank statements
  • Proof of any debts such as credit cards or other payments
  • Letter of Hardship (why can't you make the payment)


Short sale have to be an arms length transaction, that means your can't sell property to your relatives or financial partners and let someone have a deal on it. It could end up being costly for you and ruin your credit and steal an opportunity from you for your next purchase.

You can't sell the property to a straw buyer, that means you can not have someone buy and then immediately sell for to another buyer for profit.

HAFA does not allow any money exchange to the borrower or the buyer. That means no kickbacks

There are still potential effects on the credit as servicer will report it as settled for less than full payments. Here are few useful links to further increase your knowledge.

Effects of Short Sale on Credit Rating

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List of participating lenders in HAFA Program

Note: If you have gone through the long tedious loan modification, and select to move on for a new beginning, we are here to help you. Our expert team helps home owners to do the short sale with dignity and peace.

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April 8, 2013

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