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Where can you sell or buy over million dollar homes in Orange County CA?

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In this featured column visitor will get to know the first million dollar listed home every month in featured cities of Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Brea, Buena Park, Fullerton, Irvine, La Habra, Orange, Placentia, Tustin and Yorba Linda.


Now: In 2012,

What a difference from previous post, I will be posting shortly what can you buyer at million dollar point, in 2012 vs 2007 five years later, here we are.


Then: In 2007

As home price increased in last few years there are more homes selling or listed at million and above. Some communities have the amenities and some don't. Some cities of Orange County have condos listed above a million. For a house to be listed at a million it does not have to have a a view of the harbor or a golf course.


City    MLS # Price Size BR BA Yr Built Type DOM
Anaheim p572549 1.025,000 3100 5 3 1977 SFR 26
Anaheim Hills p572446 1,060,000 2999 5 3.5 2001 SFR 19
Brea m104904 1,020,000 3211 4 3 2002 SFR 120
Buena Park m106226 1,000,000 4000 7 4 1959 SFR 17
Fullerton p569437 1.009,000 3112 4 3.5 1979 SFR 33
Irvine p559908 1,000,000 1593 2 2 2006 Condo 86
La Habra p564614 1,090,000 2717 4 3 2000 SFR 59
Orange s479132 1,000,00 3249 4 4.5 2003 SFR 53
Placentia p564525 1,025,000 3000 3 4 2002 SFR 61
Tustin p559170 1,028,000 2633  4 3 2006 SFR 91
Yorba Linda p575079 1,000,000 2786 3 2.5 1966 Condo 4

As of Friday, Saturday, May 05, 2007 according to SoCalMLS

Information deemed to be reliable but not guranteed, it does not reflect current changes in the listing staus