Care for Kids In Need

$500 donation to CHOC from

Most of us are fortunate enough to have our needs met and to have a healthy loving families. There are others out there who are missing one of the above elements. One can have wealth, a loving family but if due to some illness their health is deceiving them, the clock stops , the world stops for them, especially for children. Think about ill children  who do not have a families or if they do, families do not have means to provide the care.

Have you ever walked through a hallway of a hospital and passed by a child in a wheel chair, thinking "Thank God for giving me a healthy family"? Have you ever felt connected to such people when your loved one goes through a serious illness. There is nothing better than helping a sick child who is fighting for life. This page is dedicated to sick and needy kids at CHOC, Children's Hospital of Orange County.

If you or some one you know are in the market to buy a house of sell one, just let us know. We pledge that when you or someone you know, buys a house through we will donate $500 to Choc Hospital Fund under your name.

We also urge you to consider donating to CHOC even if you are not buying  or selling your property.